• Storm

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    • Anti-Reflective coating to prevent glare
    • Aspheric lenses to prevent distortion
    • Spring hinges to maximize comfort
    • Power range: 1/4 powers from +0.75 to +3.00, +3.50, +4.0
    • Select "no power" to receive your frames with demo lenses ready to fit with your prescription

    Quality Reading Glasses for Women

  • Storm
  • Storm
  • Storm
  • Storm

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5 out of 5, based on 1 reviews
Joyce from Granby, MA on Feb 02, 2017
I LOVE these glasses - I get a lot of compliments on the style - and they are extremely durable - have landed on the floor multiple times, have help from my 16 month old granddaughter in 'taking' them off - etc - I will definitely order at least one new pair to have on hand IF anything happens to this pair - I have had this current pair for a very long time - surprisingly for me as I am tough on glasses.