• Cheap Storage Hacks for Reading Glasses and Sunglasses

    Storing Eyeglasses and Sunglasses is Easy and Stylish

    If you have a fetish for sunglasses and eyeglass frames, you’ve probably run into the issue of storage space. With styles changing every year, the temptation to buy more could leave you with an overwhelming collection that’s hard to manage, yet 100% necessary to keep. Not to mention that those cheap pairs of $10 sunglasses didn’t come with a box. Multiply that by a few years, and you could be stuck with dozens of case-less glasses. To help manage your large collection of eyeglasses, consider these creative ways to store your shades. Not only are they cost and space efficient, they’re easy to do!


    They aren’t just for clothes, hangers are also great options for your eyeglass and sunglass collection. Wooden or felt-covered hangers will do just the trick, and make sure it’s the traditional hanger with a bottom bar. Place the glasses on the bottom (flat bar) and hang them within your closet or on the wall. Try to leave enough room for them to hang without getting hit or squashed against other items in the closet. Thumbtacks work great for hanging the hanger on the wall, like the one shown below. (Image via Huffington Post)

    Photo Frame Sunglass Wrack

    Rummage through your garage or attack to locate an old photo frame. You can make it into a creative sunglass and reading glasses holder. Wire and eye hooks are all you need to secure it! If you'd like to add some flair, get together some colored ribbon or string to create your own stylish touches.

    Colors on a Canvas

    If you’re the artsy type of person, you might have fun with this next option. Take a blank canvas and decorate it with colorful ribbons that are secured around the back. You can play with different colors, widths and thickness to portray dimension and artistry. Check out this tutorial from on how to create your own!

    Coat Hooks & Wood Display

    Coat hooks are great for hanging glasses. They’re the perfect size for glasses to rest on, and they are easily attachable. Place them on top of your wardrobe, on a wooden board, or even your wall.

    Keep Your Eyeglass and Sunglass Frames Safely Stored at Home and On-the-Go

    Try these simple and creative ideas for storing your eyeglasses, and you’ll be able to add to your collection without fear of running out of space. You should also check out our selection of designer eyeglass cases to ensure they’re protected in your purse and on the go. To shop our sunglasses for men, women and kids, browse our website and sort by type, shape/style and color!

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