• Spring/Summer Eyewear Color Trends

    Sunshine calls for the right eyewear, and the latest trends for Spring/Summer 2017 eyewear is out! Revamp your style with the freshest optical trends that are currently in bloom. Check out these new designer eyeglass frames springing up on the runways and our website for you to spring into style with:

    Top Eyewear Colors for Spring/Summer 2017

    1. Tortoise Shell Pattern

    Classic tortoise eyeglasses are capable of turning everyday glasses into a hot fashion item. Arriving in varying color palettes and gradients, they're perfect for adding a glamorous touch to your warm weather wardrobe. The flattering design work well on both reading glasses and sunglasses! Our new Burbank neck-hanging readers are great for summer adventures as they can be hung around your neck when they’re not in use.

    neck-hanging reading glasses

    2. Clear & White Eyeglasses

    Clear and white eyeglass frames take center stage next to tortoise shell in Spring/Summer eyewear fashion. The sophisticated clear & white paves the way for adding some transparency and showing off a softer side. Men can rock clear frames to handsomely boost their style while maintaining a light and laid-back look. Our Windsor reading glasses are spot-on with this trend!


    3. Black-Rimmed Glasses

    Look and feel confident with smart-styled eyewear that suits the professional, men and women alike. The elegant, solid black color goes great with business-casual or modern formal outfits in the same brilliant black. Make a statement by pairing them with contrasting white clothing. Wherever you go, black-rimmed eyeglasses are set to make a statement that just can't go unnoticed! Our Jude reading glasses boast black rims with narrow arms for a sleek, timeless look.


    4. Red, Pink & Purple Eyewear

    Embrace the sweetness of summer with red reading glasses and its lovely color variations. Pink or purple frames in any size and shape are always an eye-candy must-have. Cute and playful, bright and bold, the attractive frame colors rightfully fit the fashionista's taste. Put on a pair of stylish cat-eye glasses on your night out, and your girlfriends will be purring with envy once you flaunt your new look! Our Montclair readers are a pretty pinkish-purple tone that also hits the clear/translucent trend for the season. Plus, they’re also available in teal and grey (a smokey-clear color) which hit two of the other trends for Spring/Summer ‘17!


    5. Teal Eyeglass Frames

    Teal readers rank among the season's hottest accessories, being one of the most versatile colors to have in your wardrobe and eyewear collection. The interesting color strikes the right balance between blue and green hues. Its dainty appeal evokes happiness and a cheerful tone that's terrific on a summer day, while the deeper rich teal shade complements springtime which is all about the rebirth of style. Our Brentwood reading glasses combine tortoise frames with teal arms--hitting two of the top trends this season!


    Shop I Heart Eyewear for All of This Seasons Hottest Trends

    I Heart Eyewear's online catalogue is packed with fashion-forward, high-quality designs. Take your pick from our vast selection of designer reading glasses for men and women. Enjoy the freedom to be yourself, and your choice of frame will certainly enhance your look in more ways than one!

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