• Fall/Winter 2016-2017 Eyewear Trends

    Fall/Winter Trends for Women’s Designer Reading Glasses and Sunglasses

    Autumn is here and winter is right around the corner. The time is ripe to discuss the Fall/Winter Eyewear trends you should know about! There’s no doubt that the right pair of reading glasses or sunglasses is all you need to complete a look, feel more confident, and take on the world--or office--with sophistication and composure.

    1. Oversized Sunglasses

    The oversized sunglasses trend is still holding ground. It is rare to spot a face donning a small pair of sunglass frames these days. It is true that some faces would suit small frames, but others are free to experiment with the giant frames covering a large portion of their faces. The fall season is fit for exploring double wired rimmed glasses or a pair of oversized designer sunglass frames seen on the catwalk.

    2. Round Lens Cat Eye Eyeglass Frames and Sunglasses

    Continuing its success from the spring trends, the combination of round rims with the feminine approach is a winning look. The retro yet contemporary look has taken over designer reading eyewear collections this year, making women look rather intriguing and chic! Try our Gradient Grey Modified Cat Eye Bendz Readers that feature a round lens and cat eye frames.

    3. Ombre Lenses and Frames

    Another repeat trend designers won’t let go of yet--and neither will we! Ombre is a great fit for adventurous souls looking for the perfect combination of dark, light, and sometimes colorful lenses. The classic style was spotted all over the runway this year--colorful ones with ombre pink, blue, and purple lenses and frames. If you’re going with sunglasses, choose an ombre lens. If you’re going for clear-lensed eyeglass frames, our Townsend Readers feature ombre frames with colorful, striped arms (shown in brown; also available in blue).

    4. Embellished Frames

    For the stylish types, simply going with bare eyeglass frames isn't the answer. This season is the perfect time to add some embellishments to your eyeglass frames and sunglasses. They don’t need to be extravagant; a few floral additions can be more than enough to achieve the perfect style. Our Bling Readers are one of our many styles that will make you stand out from the crowd this season. 

    5. Matching Eyewear to Your Outfits

    We have seen how women like to have plenty of matching shoes and accessories in their wardrobe. This has found its way into the fall and winter trends where many shows feature women with sunglasses matching their dresses and coats. But who wears sunglasses indoors? Matching your glasses to your outfit is just as important! For a red outfit with red shoes, sporting red aviators can render a daring, yet lovely effect. Luckily, I Heart Eyewear offers eyewear in every color you could image--just sort by color within each collection.

    6. Marbled Frames

    The age old marble look is making its way back in the fall and winter trends of 2016-2017. Designers like Christian Siriano, Michael Kors, and Karen Walker rocked the runways with their own take on marble frame sunglasses. Our favorites are the brown and gray Boston Reading Glasses that feature round frames and marble-like rims.

    Shop This Season’s Trends Online at I Heart Eyewear

    Which eyewear trend did you like the most? Let us know! Shop the season’s hottest trends in eyeglass frames and sunglasses right here at See what’s new in our online boutique and shop by style, color, shape and more!

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