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    What are Makeup Readers and How Do They Help with Makeup Application?

    What are Makeup Readers and How Do They Help with Makeup Application?

    applying makeup while wearing makeup readers

    What Are Makeup Readers?

    Whenever you need visual assistance for reading anything up close, like books or articles on the web, you simply use reading glasses or traditional eyeglasses prescribed by your eye doctor. Well, you will be amazed to know that many women widely use makeup readers in order to apply makeup without bulky glasses being in the way.

    For example, if you are suffering from common eye conditions like presbyopia or farsightedness, you may encounter several issues while applying makeup (particularly around your eyes). This is when makeup reading glasses are a lifesaver.

    Reading glasses for women generally have a standardized eyeglass frame. Makeup readers on the other hand, feature a frame with a singular swiveling lens that offers clean and crisp vision for makeup application on the opposite eye. Like conventional reading glasses, sunglass readers and makeup readers are designed to fit your lifestyle, and offer vision support when normal reading glasses aren’t ideal.

    makeup reading glasses for women

    Five Benefits of Using Makeup Reading Glasses

    1. Makeup readers make it easy to apply cosmetics on and around your eyes.

    2. They eliminate your struggle of wearing bulky frames during makeup application. Hence, no more eyeliner slip-ups or mascara mistakes.

    3. Their swivel lens design comes in various colors, offering neat and precise eye makeup application to the opposite eye.

    4. Makeup reading glasses are lightweight and extremely easy to use.

    5. No more applying makeup blindly and hoping for the best.

    Finding the Right Power

    The standard reading distance is about 14”. With this in mind, you should consider how close you typically stand to the mirror during makeup application. Never bought reading glasses before? No problem! You can easily find your power by using our Reading Eye Chart.

    Rose Makeup Glasses

    Shop I Heart Eyewear Today for Quality Makeup Readers

    If you are looking for makeup reading glasses to enhance your makeup application routine, check out the Rose Makeup Reader (shown above), our top-selling makeup readers. We also offer Clear and Black, Red and Black, and Clear and Peach color combinations! Browse and shop our designer reading glasses without the designer price tag.