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    News — fashion

    3 Trending Eyewear Styles

    3 Trending Eyewear Styles

    With 2020 off to what seems like a running start, I think it’s time for a style upgrade. But with so many styles to choose from, it might feel a little overwhelming. So, I thought I’d help by showing you some of our on-trend styles for 2020.  

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    The History of the Wayfarer Eyeglass Frame

    The History of the Wayfarer Eyeglass Frame

    Wayfarer sunglasses and eyeglass frames will always be a timeless style. Learn more about the history of "the wayfarer" and why it's popularity is here to stay.

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    Fashion and Function Collide With I Heart Eyewear Eyeglass Necklaces

    Reading Glass Necklaces That Make a Fashion Statement

    Designer Eyewear AccessoriesThe days of losing your glasses are over, thanks to fashionable necklaces designed to keep your glasses – and sense of style – firmly intact. These beautiful eyeglass accessories have been engineered to prevent accidental damage or misplacement, while enhancing your unique, chic style.

    Eyeglass NecklaceWhat Happens to Neglected Eyeglasses?

    Most people who wear eyeglasses have experienced the panic and impairment that comes with losing or misplacing them. In many cases, the alarm is temporary. You laugh it off when you discover your reading glasses are “right in front of you” or hiding atop your head. Unfortunately, other instances can result in disaster when your visual lifeline drops, gets crushed, or breaks while misplaced.

    Innovative Uses for Eyeglass Necklaces

    Here's a sleek way to complement your style and keep track of glasses: use an eyeglass necklace. Coordinate your necklace with your apparel and jewelry, to bring function and fashion together in a fresh, awesome way. These multi-functional accessories can be used to:

    • Hold sunglasses in place.
    • Store reading glasses.
    • Attach ID badges for school or work.
    • Make a bold and daring fashion statement.

    We Have Designer Glasses Neck Chains for Every Look

    Available in multiple colors, shapes and styles, from amber-colored stones, to mother of pearls, our vast assortment of eyeglass necklaces are fit for any wardrobe and mood. Check out our online selection of eyeglass chains and accessories to find the right multi-functional necklace for your individual style.