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    Picking Out the Best Eyewear Frames (A Quick Guide for Men)

    A Helpful Guide for Men Searching for Designer Reading Glasses

    More than 6 out of every 10 people in America wear glasses or contacts, but many of these folks do not wear the most stylish frames – or anything close! Many men report that they appreciate a little help in choosing the right frames for their glasses. Here are three tried and true tips for men choosing designer reading glasses that will meet your aesthetic needs:

    • When in doubt, opt for black frames. Thick, black plastic frames have become more and more popular with men, especially after being worn by celebrities like Justin Timberlake, Lebron James, and Johnny Depp. This classic and sophisticated look is perfect for general use or designer reading eyewear.

      • Choose the right shape. Round, square, and rectangular glasses can all work; just make sure that whatever style you choose fits your face. If you're buying your first pair of glasses, choose smaller frames. After people get used to seeing you with glasses, you can buy larger frames if you prefer.
      • Consider tortoiseshell for some eccentricity. These frames add some color; just make sure they don't include too much yellow or orange in the pattern. The frames of your glasses should accentuate your features, not stand out on their own.

        Shop I Heart Eyewear for Great Looking, Quality Reading Glasses

        Take a look at eyeglass frames for sale online right here at I Heart Eyewear. You’ll find plenty of inspiration when choosing your next pair of designer inspired frames. Shop by type, shape, style, color, and pattern to find your perfect pair!

        Why You Should Wear Sunglasses All Year Long

        why you should wear sunglasses in the winter

        The Importance of Wearing Sunglasses in the Winter

        Wearing bifocal sunglasses in the winter to protect your eyes may seem somewhat paradoxical. After all, once the blistering sun of summer fades to the cooler and less taxing sun of winter, shouldn’t you be able to go outside and enjoy the sun with impunity?

        Unfortunately, this myth – that sunglasses are only needed during the warmer seasons – is pretty destructive. The truth is that harmful UV rays from the sun, the ones that cause eyestrain and eye damage and pave the way for problems like cataracts, stream from our nearest star all year long. They don’t take a “break” during winter. In fact, if you go out skiing or head to a place with substantial snow cover, you must contend with a double-whammy of UV rays. First, you must deal with UV rays emanating from the sun itself. Second, you have to process the UV rays that bounce off the snow and reflect into your eyes.

        If you’re a skier or a snowboarder, you know that you need to wear substantial sun protection on your skin, if you’re going to be on the snow-topped mountain all day, even if it’s below freezing outside. The ambient temperature has nothing to do with the risk for sunburn or dangerous sun exposure. Obviously, you’ll be less likely to burn your back and chest, because you’ll be wearing heavy clothing. But your eyes will still be just as exposed as when you are frolicking on the beach.

        Sunglasses can also provide protection against dust, debris and ambient pollution that can cause irritating symptoms like dry eye syndrome, which affects millions of people every winter.

        Plus, wearing the right sunglasses can seriously add to your fashion cache, too!

        Shop Online for Sunglass Frames from I Heart Eyewear

        Explore our sunglass frames, reading sunglasses and other quality eyewear for winter, right here at I Heart Eyewear! Sort by type, shape/style and color, to find the perfect shades for your winter wardrobe.

        Fashion and Function Collide With I Heart Eyewear Eyeglass Necklaces

        Reading Glass Necklaces That Make a Fashion Statement

        Designer Eyewear AccessoriesThe days of losing your glasses are over, thanks to fashionable necklaces designed to keep your glasses – and sense of style – firmly intact. These beautiful eyeglass accessories have been engineered to prevent accidental damage or misplacement, while enhancing your unique, chic style.

        Eyeglass NecklaceWhat Happens to Neglected Eyeglasses?

        Most people who wear eyeglasses have experienced the panic and impairment that comes with losing or misplacing them. In many cases, the alarm is temporary. You laugh it off when you discover your reading glasses are “right in front of you” or hiding atop your head. Unfortunately, other instances can result in disaster when your visual lifeline drops, gets crushed, or breaks while misplaced.

        Innovative Uses for Eyeglass Necklaces

        Here's a sleek way to complement your style and keep track of glasses: use an eyeglass necklace. Coordinate your necklace with your apparel and jewelry, to bring function and fashion together in a fresh, awesome way. These multi-functional accessories can be used to:

        • Hold sunglasses in place.
        • Store reading glasses.
        • Attach ID badges for school or work.
        • Make a bold and daring fashion statement.

        We Have Designer Glasses Neck Chains for Every Look

        Available in multiple colors, shapes and styles, from amber-colored stones, to mother of pearls, our vast assortment of eyeglass necklaces are fit for any wardrobe and mood. Check out our online selection of eyeglass chains and accessories to find the right multi-functional necklace for your individual style.

        Fall 2014 Eyewear Trends

        Top Reading Glasses and Sunglasses for Fall

        Staying on top of the latest trends is one of the most enjoyable parts of transitioning from summer to fall. Your new look doesn’t have to be limited to apparel; your eyewear plays an important role in your autumn accessorizing, too.

        When searching for designer eyeglass frames and sunglasses this fall, keep the season’s hottest trends in mind:

        • Throwback Renaissance. Those seeking a fashionably classic look will love these fresh new frames, which combine old-school sensibilities with new-school style. From round shapes to aviators to Clubmaster-esque frames, these style staples collide with earthy colors such as red, orange, and brown for the perfect fall look. Our Margot Bifocal Sunglasses were featured in eyecessorize’s Fall Trend Report for this look!
          • Modern Prep. These ultra-flattering frames range from simple squares to pronounced cat eyes, accentuating the wearer’s features. Colors range from simple pastels to vibrant watercolors, calling to mind the preppy looks of the 60s but remaining firmly in the now. Our Darby Reading Glasses fit this look perfectly!
          • Enigmatic Perspective. When clouds fill the sky and the leaves fall from the trees, it lends a mysterious atmosphere. These frames have the same effect, combining dark, muted colors with touches of opulence, such as I Heart Eyewear’s reading glasses with bling. Animal prints, lace and other artistic patterns are also on-point for the enigmatic perspective look! Our Dahlia Readers (below) and Catarina Reading Glasses are spot-on with this trend.

              Which fall eyeglass trend are you excited to try?

              Check out I Heart Eyewear’s collection for the most on-trend, stylish and affordable reading glasses for women.