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    Picking Out the Best Eyewear Frames (A Quick Guide for Men)

    A Helpful Guide for Men Searching for Designer Reading Glasses

    More than 6 out of every 10 people in America wear glasses or contacts, but many of these folks do not wear the most stylish frames – or anything close! Many men report that they appreciate a little help in choosing the right frames for their glasses. Here are three tried and true tips for men choosing designer reading glasses that will meet your aesthetic needs:

    • When in doubt, opt for black frames. Thick, black plastic frames have become more and more popular with men, especially after being worn by celebrities like Justin Timberlake, Lebron James, and Johnny Depp. This classic and sophisticated look is perfect for general use or designer reading eyewear.

      • Choose the right shape. Round, square, and rectangular glasses can all work; just make sure that whatever style you choose fits your face. If you're buying your first pair of glasses, choose smaller frames. After people get used to seeing you with glasses, you can buy larger frames if you prefer.
      • Consider tortoiseshell for some eccentricity. These frames add some color; just make sure they don't include too much yellow or orange in the pattern. The frames of your glasses should accentuate your features, not stand out on their own.

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