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    2022 Eyewear Trends

    2022 Eyewear Trends

    A new year gives us the opportunity to reset and gain a fresh perspective. Some might take this opportunity to create resolutions of going to the gym more, eating healthier, reading more, and so on. While those are all great goals they can often feel daunting and overwhelming.

    If you're feeling overwhelmed by the thought of your resolutions, why not start with literally giving yourself a fresh new look! Check out the styles that are trending this year. 


    Cat-Eye Glasses


    Bettie Readers $22

    The cat-eye readers are a true classic. They are in trend almost every year but in 2022 you will see these eyeglasses in a more defined and angular look.

    They are one of the most sophisticated glasses silhouettes with their triangular tips that emphasize your brow arch and are the perfect way to add a fun twist to your outfit. 


     Tortoiseshell Glasses


    Sutter Readers $22


    Tortoise is universally flattering, versatile, and never goes out of style! This gorgeous design is just the thing to give your style a fresh new flare for the new year. 

    We offer an array of different style frames with the tortoiseshell print, so you're sure to find a frame that complements your look. 


    Translucent Glasses


    Freya Readers $22

    These see-through glasses not only complement your facial features but also direct all the attention to your magnificent eyes. 

    Give yourself a little color without overpowering your face with one of our translucent frames or go with clear for a more sophisticated and modern look.


    Eyeglass Chains



    Paloma Eyeglass Chain $15

    Eyeglass Chains are back in trend in 2022 making for an easy update to any style frame. 

    These versatile accessories are such a great addition to your style with numerous options to choose from. Whether you're looking for a simple chain or one adorned with jewels, we have just what you're looking for. 

    5 tips and tricks for those that wear glasses

    5 tips and tricks for those that wear glasses

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