• Top Makeup Tips for Women Who Wear Reading Glasses

    Makeup Tips for Women with Glasses

    Wearing makeup and reading glasses can be tricky to accomplish, but also complement each other perfectly once you master the art. Makeup applied strategically will help you put your best face forward, without worrying if your glasses overshadow or obstruct your beauty. We've rounded up the top eight tips on how to apply makeup when you’re wearing glasses.

    8 Makeup Tricks for Eyeglass Wearing Women

    1. Go Easy On Your Eyeshadow

    Too much of anything is bad, and eyelids caked with eyeshadow is definitely bad. Why? Eyeshadow magnified through glasses elicit a heavy and overdone appearance. Pick a neutral shade, keep it light and enhance your eyes with bolder eyeliner instead.

    2. Match Eyeliner Thickness With Frame Thickness

    Eyeliner is every eyeglass-wearing woman's friend. Those sporting thin-framed glasses will look best with thin line strokes.. If your glasses are thick-framed, thicker eyeliner strokes will complement your style. Most of all, don’t be afraid of cat-eye eyeliner, which is very flattering for eyeglass wearers.

    Colors can match too! Veer away from black, which only creates an intense look, unless your reading glasses are of the same color or have traces thereof. Shades of brown, bronze, and blue are enough to highlight your features without overdoing it.

    3. Curl Those Lovely Lashes

    Layers and layers of mascara tend to clump and weigh on the lashes. Invest in a good eyelash curler and work on maximizing your eyelashes with less mascara. Bonus: Your lashes will be less of a nuisance by not touching the lens of your glasses.

    4. Waterproof Is Foolproof

    If you must use mascara (and let’s be honest, most of us do), use the waterproof type to prevent unsightly flaking and smudging. Put on as little as you can by applying one full layer at a time, starting from eyelash root going to the tip. Otherwise, your lashes will only droop and ruin even the most sophisticated designer reading eyewear. Repeat as necessary to increase lash volume while consistently concentrating on the base of your lashes.

    5. Cross Out the Red Marks!

    Dabbing a little bit of moisturiser onto the bridge of your nose goes a long way. This will help eliminate red marks that can detract attention from your great makeup. Be mindful of putting too much in one place since you don’t want your readers to slide off.

    6. Base Moderation

    Your base is the "foundation" of great makeup application. Don't go all out trying to cover up every single flaw, for it will only create a very unnatural, caked-on look. Apply sparingly onto your nose bridge and cheeks, and areas where your glasses typically rest. Afterall, you don’t want the makeup transferring to your designer eyeglass frames.

    7. Hide The Shadows, Not Under It

    If you must hide anything, let it be the bags and dark circles under the eyes. Your eyeglass lenses can't conceal shadows and tired-looking eyes. This time, it's ok to be generous when using a concealer to break-free from the gloomy, tired look.

    8. Makeup Readers Are A Girl’s Best Friend

    If you wear contacts or need to use a magnifying glass to help you see during makeup application, makeup readers are your new must-have. These cool glasses have only one lens that you can switch from side to side so it’s not in the way during eye makeup application. Get yours here from I Heart Eyewear!

    Rose Makeup Readers

    Accent Your Best Features with Reading Glasses from I Heart Eyewear

    Wearing the perfect pair of reading glasses makes applying makeup easier altogether. Pick eyeglasses that pair well with your skin, hair and eye color, then apply makeup that complements your eyeglass frames. Browse I Heart Eyewear’s eyeglass frames and reading glasses today and get ready to rock some eye-catching natural beauty!

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