• September Is Healthy Aging® Month: Effects of Aging on the Eyes

    september is healthy aging month

    Aging and the Eyes: How to Protect Your Eye Health

    Ever had a big dream, only to be lost and forgotten as life moves on? Before you even hesitate, direct your thoughts into all things positive. For one, you're never too old for anything. September is Healthy Aging® Month, and now is the time to live your life!

    Embrace every single day you grow into a more beautiful person. Changes in eyesight happen gradually as we age, but aging eyes should not hinder you from pursuing your life goals. Knowing the common eye problems you may experience and how to deal with them will help you age gracefully and healthily.


    The most common aging eye condition is a natural process called presbyopia, which slowly advances over a person's lifetime. It's when you can no longer see close objects clearly, or find it difficult to read small print. Presbyopia often becomes noticeable around age 40, which can be easily corrected with the help of a good pair of reading glasses.


    Glaucoma is a condition where eye fluid between the cornea and lens becomes blocked. When this fluid is unable to flow properly, pressure builds up and damages the optic nerve. If not caught early, glaucoma can cause permanent eye damage and blindness.


    With conjunctivitis, the tissue that covers your eye becomes inflamed. You may experience itching, burning, redness or the feeling something is stuck in your eye. Eye infections, exposure to chemicals and other irritants can cause this inflammation, and it can happen to people of all ages.

    Corneal Disease

    The cornea, or dome-shaped clear window of your eye, functions to focus light. It can get damaged due to infection, injury, or exposure to toxic agents. Reduced vision, pain, redness, watery eyes or a halo effect are common symptoms of corneal disease. Your doctor may need to adjust your glasses or provide medication to help.


    People sensitive to light, wind, and temperature changes tend to have problems with too much tearing. Tearing can lead to eye pain, inflammation, redness and vision impairment. Protect your eyes with sunglasses and contact your eye doctor if tearing gets to be excessive, as it may be a sign of a more serious problem.

    While you may not have any symptoms or pain in your eyes, it’s recommended that you see your eye doctor at least once per year. Vision loss can be prevented and paying attention to your eye health is a lot more important as you age. With clear vision, nothing's stopping you from venturing into a new hobby, sport, career, business, and anything you’ve had on the back burner all these years.

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