• How To Choose The Best Eyeglass Frames For Your Face Shape

    face shapes for reading glasses

    When choosing designer eyeglass frames, most of us judge them by how they look on our face. Endless options are overwhelming, and it can be frustrating to narrow the options down to one or two. I Heart Eyewear wants to make things easier for you, especially if you’re buying them online without trying them on. Searching for your perfect match can be a lot more fun when you know where to start!

    Choosing Eyeglass Frames Based Upon Face Shape

    Discovering the ideal frame style that works best for your face shape can really help narrow your options. The best rule-of-thumb is to pick a frame shape that contrasts with your face shape, and a frame size proportionate to your face size.

    Here's some tips for streamlining your designer reading eyewear options by determining your defining features from these seven basic face shapes.

    Base-Up Triangle

    A wide jaw line or bottom-third facial area and small top-third defines this face shape. Eyeglass frames that sport a wider brow line and light colors can balance the top face width. Lightweight, rimless styles produce an airy effect that complements the base-up triangle profile.

    Base-Down Triangle

    The facial features for this face shape are distinguished by a wider forehead with narrow cheeks and chin. Cat-eye frames and reading glasses with thick brow line and rimless bottom-half are a great choice for this face shape.


    The diamond face shape is the rarest of all. The facial form is distinctive of narrow foreheads and jawlines, with broad and high cheekbones that can be softened by browline frames built with detailing at the front. Oval, cat-eye or rimless readers can also highlight the eyes of the diamond-faced man or woman.


    Oblong face shapes are longer than they are wide, coupled with similarly longish nose and cheek lines. Frame styles which have more depth than width can make an oblong face seem shorter and create a balanced look. Reading glasses with decorative or contrasting temples add facial width while low-bridge frames can shorten the appearance of the nose.


    Balanced proportions are characteristic of the oval face, making it the idealistic face shape. Its natural balance is best maintained by wearing designer eyeglass frames that are in line with the broadest part of the face. Pick a frame of the same width or wider as this facial area, or a walnut-shaped frame style that's neither too deep nor too narrow.


    Round faces flaunt curved lines with the right proportion of length and width without angular forms. Narrow eyeglass frames can slim down and lengthen a round face. A rectangular frame built wider than it is deep or readers with clear bridges can elicit the look of wider eyes.


    A square-shaped face is distinguished by a broad forehead and strong jaw line with proportionate widths and lengths. Narrow frame styles, readers that provide more width than depth, and oval frames can soften facial angles and make the square face profile appear longer.

    Shop Online with I Heart Eyewear for the Best Reading Glasses for Your Look

    I Heart Eyewear offers the best designer eyeglass frames without the designer price tag. All of our reading glasses are available with “no power” options, so they’ll come with demo lenses, ready to be filled with your prescription. The best part? Most of our readers are just $20! Sort by type, shape/style, or color/pattern to find the pair(s) that are right for you!

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