• 2016 Holiday Gift Guide for Eyeglass Wearers

    Gift Guide to Reading Glasses for Women

    Shopping days are quickly slipping away along with the countdown to Christmas! I Heart Eyewear presents you with great holiday gift suggestions devoted to the eyeglass wearers on your list. You may even want a pair or two for yourself! These wonderful 'eye'-deas will delight your friends and family, being endowed with our quality standards and features designed for maximum comfort.

    1. Gingerbread Holiday Reading Glasses

    gingerbread holiday readers

    A twist in the Gingerbread Man's runaway tale puts him in demise of a foxy girl, who now wears these great looking reading glasses! The sweet design includes gingerbread men and candy canes amidst the starry blue sky. If their adorability wasn't enough, your holiday readers come with a matching gingerbread-printed case for safekeeping.

    2. Bendz Mesa Reading Glasses

    bendz tortoise reading glasses

    Create a classy and cosmopolitan chic look with the sophisticated mix of brown/tortoise pattern. You'll surely never lose in style, whatever the season. Be prim and proper, yet cool and audacious with the black/aqua combination (shown here). A soft case will keep your new, ultra-flexible Bendz Mesa reading glasses protected from scratches.

    3. Flannel Reading Glasses

    flannel plaid reading glasses

    There's no better time to get festive with your favorite print! Bring a little more plaid into your life with these lovely reading glasses. The choice is yours whether you want vivid red or classy black full-rims to match those temple checks, or your whole plaid outfit. Prepare to be showered with compliments as you have fun wearing your flannel readers.

    4. Belmont Reading Glasses

    belmont designer reading glasses

    Sprinkle holiday cheer into your ensemble by wearing silver-lined eyeglasses that instantly make a fashion statement. The marbleized finish remains soft to the touch, leaving you comfortable while wearing it. Opt for black for a bolder, smarter look. Quickly stow away your eyewear when on-the-go in the included textured soft case.

    5. Albany Reading Glasses

    bamboo reading glasses

    Our Albany reading glasses marries fashion with the environment. Its rectangular frame affixed to natural bamboo temples give confidence unlike any other. The brown or black rims are complemented by the wood pattern appearance. Arriving with an exquisitely crafted case, you can easily get to your glasses right when you need it.

    6. Elements Eyeglass Case

    designer eyeglass cases

    Whether you need a place for your valuable prescription sunglasses or somewhere to store your regular glasses when rocking your contacts, consider this protective case. The triangular shape and stylish compartment steers clear from the norm, apart from the different elegant colors of eyeglass cases to choose from.

    I Heart Eyewear has everything you need for eyeglass wearers on your list!

    From the librarian, doodler, storyteller, comic nerd, to the beautiful fashionista or the guy who's got everything, we've got everyone on your list covered. Don't forget to treat yourself, too! Freshen up your style and shove off that boring vibe by getting any of our quality reading glasses.

    Hurry, grab your I Heart Eyewear before December 20 for priority mail shipping, and have your gift delivered in 2-3 days right in time for a fun-filled and stylish Christmas!

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