• Creative Uses for Old Eyeglasses and Eyeglass Cases

    Ingenuity and Imagination to Produce Something Unique

    eyeglass frames for upcycling and DIY projects

    Whether you need new reading glasses because your vision suddenly changed with age, or you’re just interested in an innovative look, you don’t have to throw your old specs away. In fact, with a little creativity, you can transform old eyeglasses into useful and/or decorative objects, or (even better) you can donate them to people in need.

    Transforming Eyeglasses

    Both the lenses and frames can be reused in visionary ways. Here are some ideas to get you thinking... First, you could attach a simple chain/necklace to the frame of an old pair of reading glasses to make a necklace that’s sure to become a conversation piece. Simply remove the lenses and arms of the glasses, and attach the chain of your choice. Alternatively, you could save the frames for kids to wear on Halloween. Lenses can also be painted and used in wind chimes or as tree ornaments. Attaching red and blue cellophane can also turn them into DIY 3D glasses!

    Upcycling Old Eyeglass Cases

    Cases are the perfect size for protecting and organizing small items in your purse, such as jewelry, cosmetics, or a mobile device. Eyeglass cases can also make elegant clutch if you decorate them (think paint, covering them with fabric, or gluing on sequins or feathers). The possibilities are endless when it comes to upcycling old eyeglass cases!

    Recycling Eyeglass Frames

    If your lens prescription has changed, but your eyeglass frames are still in good condition, consider using your old frames with your new lenses. Alternatively, if you want a new frame for your regular glasses, you could use the old one for sunglasses. Another fun idea is turning them into picture frames! Using wallet-sized photos, simply trace the frame before cutting the photo, then glue them to the eyeglass frames.

    Donating Glasses

    The Lions Club collects used glasses. They clean, sort, and package them and give them to those who might not be able to afford glasses otherwise. This is a great way to declutter and feel good about upgrading your glasses simultaneously.

    Designer Eyeglass Frames to Fuel Your Inspiration

    Whether your eye prescription has changed, you crave a new look, or you’re looking for a second (or third) pair of quality reading glasses, our online catalogue of stylish specs and accessories can open the door to limitless possibilities.  Shop today, and sort by style, color/pattern, shape, and more!

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