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    News — great looking reading glasses

    Proper Care & Storage for Your Great Looking Reading Glasses

    Don’t Let Your Glasses Get Scratched, Bent or Broken

    When you purchase a new pair of glasses you are investing in your vision, and you want your ocular companion to last for as long as your correction needs remain consistent. Quality reading glasses can last a long time if proper care is taken when cleaning, storing, and wearing them. To that end, this article offers up a quick brief on how to take care of your glasses and ensure that they will continue to be comfortable, sturdy, and provide you with clear vision for years to come.

    When you're not wearing your glasses, always store them in a case. Quality designer eyeglass cases are meant to protect your glasses from dust and debris and from scratching on hard or rough surfaces. Simply storing your glasses in a protective case when you are not wearing them can prevent the most common types of damage from improper storage. Hard and semi-hard cases are preferable to soft cases due to their ability to protect your frames and lenses from most crushing damage and all but the most powerful impacts. If you are packing your case into a backpack, suitcase, or purse you will certainly want to utilize a hard case to prevent impacts or potential crushing.

    Don't let other people try on or wear your glasses. You likely chose your frames, at least in part, because they fit your face. When other people wear your glasses, especially those with a wider face than you, the frame may become prematurely warped or stretched, changing the fit and leading to irritation of slippage and earlier replacement.

    All glasses naturally stretch and warp over time and screws may become loose. To keep screws tight and prevent losing parts purchase an eyeglass repair kit, available at most drug stores, for quick fixes on the go. Kits usually come with several replacement screws and an eyeglass-sized screwdriver. Having a quick repair kit on hand you will be able to quickly tighten your loose screws and prevent a minor service from becoming a major inconvenience.

    Don't let your glasses get scratched. Laying them face down on a surface can lead to micro-scratching and over time micro-scratching turns into a macro problem as you develop a permanent haze of scratches. Additionally, when cleaning your glasses, always make sure they have a little moisture on the lens. Dry-wiping your glasses can also scratch them. Use cleaning solution that came with your glasses (or warm water) and a soft cloth to periodically clean your lenses. For best results, use our Lens Cleaning Kit for quick and easy cleaning on-the-go.

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