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    8 Causes of Eye Twitching and How Glasses Can Help

    Reading Glasses Help Fight Eye Strain and Twitching

    Are you battling with a case of the twitchy eyelids? This uncomfortable and often annoying condition occurs when the lower (or upper) eyelid occasionally spasms on its own. Although others around you rarely notice these twitches, they may present a considerable distraction to those suffering with them.

    Eye Twitching from Eye Strain and Caffeine

    The most common causes of eye twitching include:

    1. Stress. Particularly busy or stressful times sometimes cause eyes to twitch.

    2. Fatigue. Getting at least 8 hours of sleep per night helps prevent eye twitching.

    3. Caffeine. The stimulating effect of caffeine occasionally has too much of an energizing effect on eyes.

    4. Eye strain. Struggling to read or view a computer screen is a common trigger for eye twitch. Reading glasses can alleviate the overworked muscles, ease strain and eliminate the problem.

    5. Allergies. Rubbing itchy eyes releases histamines into tears and eyelids, causing twitching.

    6. Nutrition. Deficiencies in magnesium and other nutrients may be the culprit behind some cases of eye twitch.

    7. Alcohol. If your eye twitch has accompanied an uptick in alcohol consumption, try cutting back on the booze.

    8. Dry eyes. When eyes fail to produce adequate tears, one side effect may be eye twitching. Eye drops are available for this condition so see your Doctor if you're suffering from dry eye symptoms.

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    Reading Glasses for Sale Under $20 

    One of the easiest ways to prevent or eliminate eye twitching is to obtain the proper reading eyewear. From simple specs to reading glasses with bling, I Heart Eyewear has the designer-inspired reading eyewear you need to kick the twitching habit for good.