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    Why Do You Need Reading Glasses From Aging?

    Why Readers are Needed as We Get Older

    Perhaps you're shopping for reading glasses because you scored surprisingly low at your annual eye exam. Or maybe you're researching bifocals because you're developing eyestrain and headaches every night staring at your tablet. 

    Reading Glasses with Bling

    In either case, you're confused about how the aging process has affected your vision. Here's the gist. Basically, as people get older, almost everyone starts to suffer from a condition known as presbyopia -- a kind of farsightedness. This is caused when the lens of your eyes starts to stiffen naturally. This lack of pliability -- combined with the natural atrophy of the ciliary muscles in your eyes -- makes it more challenging for your lens to focus on objects that are near to you. The images you look at don’t focus on the retina but rather slightly behind it. This means that objects in close range tend to blur.

    There are different tests to measure this farsightedness or presbyopia. For instance, a diopter strength test measures the progress of presbyopia. Other simple “home tests” can also help you identify this condition. For instance, if you find that you're holding books far away from your eyes when you read -- to the point that your arms hurt from holding the books -- you might be developing the condition. Likewise, a poor performance on an eye exam or high score on a diopter test may indicate the initial stages of farsightedness.

    I Heart Eyewear Readers Can Help

    For more information about this kind of farsightedness -- as well as help developing solutions to avoid discomfort, see better and keep your eyes healthy -- schedule an eye exam with your optometrist today! If reading glasses or bifocals are all you need, check out our large selection of eyeglasses, sunglasses and bifocal sunglasses. Stay connected with us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to learn more about common eye health topics and eyewear fashion.